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Asbestos Registers – materials and site plans

We specialise in Asbestos Material Registers.

Our Registers are comprehensive and details with photos where necessary to support the Register.

Schematic site plans showing the layout of buildings relating to the numbering in the Register help to provide the clearest and easiest to navigate Registers.
Registers also contain Worksheets to be completed whenever any work is carried out on the site and each register gives the date for the next full inspection.

You will know that the job has been completed by experts.

Legal obligations in relation to Asbestos Registers and warning signage.

These are now legal requirements.
Asbestos is a health hazard and disease time bomb if not correctly handled by trained professionals.
Your business needs to have an asbestos register now.
It is now compulsory for you to complete an Asbestos Register.

Statutory Requirements

Section 19 of the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act 1986

Employers are required to provide a safe work environment, safe systems of work, plant in a safe condition and information, instruction, training and supervision.

Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Regulations 2010, Division 2 which prescribes the legal responsibilities for building owners and persons in possession of asbestos (any type).

Private residences are excluded from the register and signage requirements.

Other Asbestos Reports

  • NIL Asbestos Registers,
  • Asbestos Clearance Certificates and
  • Asbestos Condition

Reports are also available and may also include photos and schematic site plans as required.

Do not risk your family’s, colleagues’ or clients’ health, use an experienced and licensed Asbestos Remover – someone you can truly trust – WATTS ASBESTOS.

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